It’s happening!  I am expanding my services to the Sunshine Coast!  This is really exciting. I am now able to offer consultations in ThetaHealing and Soul Realignment and also facilitate workshops in Cairns and Sunshine Coast, and will be travelling to and fro to do this.

Are you an energetically sensitive person, eager to let go of the pain of the past and live your highest potential? I can help you.


It’s interesting how our life evolves, isn’t it?   I began my journey as a beauty therapist and remember thinking, “why on earth do I have to study the anatomy and physiology in so much detail in order to complete this course?”   I am now a qualified ThetaHealing(R) Instructor and Practitioner and teach the Intuitive Anatomy Course!   The information I obtained during my studies years before, has been invaluable in my ThetaHealing(R) practice.  During this beauty therapy training, I also remember being drawn more towards the massage and the energy healing this produces for my clients.  I have come to realise that our spiritual path is not always obvious, but if we look closely enough, we can see when we create the direction most suited to our Soul purpose, and perhaps when we create the opposite!

Over the last thirteen years I have created my ThetaHealing(R) Practice in the beautiful tropical paradise of Cairns, Queensland, Australia.  I have gained insight into how best I can be of service to my clients, by healing holistically the body, mind and soul.  I can help them unveil their full potential as magnificent beings and guide them to empowerment.  It is so gratifying to see this transformation in my clients.

During my journey I “blessed” my credit cards and took off to Glastonbury, UK to facilitate ThetaHealing(R) workshops.  Over the next four years I visited Ireland, Scotland and Spain expanding my business.  What a fantastic opportunity to learn more about myself, to clear beliefs and programs that were no longer serving me and to live my potential.   At the time I was certainly out of my comfort zone, but this experience was invaluable for me.  Of course, the lessons will continue throughout my life.  I remember when I was young I dreamt about having a wonderful career doing what I love, (I didn’t know what that was then!), and being able to combine it with travel, which is also one of my passions!   And here I am, doing it.

Recently I have become a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner which complements ThetaHealing® beautifully, as it too, is an intuitive healing modality.

I invite you to work with me to discover your Soul purpose and to clear any blocks and restrictions that may be preventing you from creating the life you really want and deserve.