The Art of Self-Healing

Would you like to be proficient in self-healing?   

Are you frustrated about feeling helpless to change any unwanted patterns of behaviour which are bringing you down?

I have formulated classes derived from many different modalities, to be held over four consecutive Saturdays and have called these workshops The Art of Self-Healing.   They will be held at my unit in Wurtulla, Sunshine Coast and will be a “hands-on” approach working with others in the class, always with my guidance.  With this interactive approach, you experience what you learn instantly.  Very empowering!

The benefits to you are invaluable. You will learn how to:

  • Master intuitive skills of self-healing.

  • Bring to light your own power to self-heal.  We will work together, and you will be given the tools to resolve and clear any blocks.

  • Intuitively “read” the body and apply this in class.

  • Connect to the Divine Universal Life Force energy to witness transformations in the cellular memory or DNA.

  • Recognise and clear old limitations and blockages by using muscle testing.

  • Receive insight on all body systems and the specific emotions and beliefs associated with each.

  • Receive new meditation techniques, grounding techniques, chakra balancing, anti-ageing techniques.

  • You will understand YOU are the power in your world and are responsible, either consciously or unconsciously, in creating your reality.

  • You will come away feeling uplifted, lighter and in control of your life with enthusiasm and joy!

  • Yes, you CAN do this work!

Your investment is $400 for the 4 weeks, with $200 non-refundable cash deposit being made 2 weeks prior to the workshop.  Paypal is available on my website:

For those attending the four days over four consecutive weeks, I am happy to offer a half hour free consultation after the course. 

If you have the courage to look within and take responsibility for what you create in your life, this is the course for you!

I am dedicated to assist you in becoming empowered so that you can achieve your full potential.   I look forward to working with you.

WHEN: Over 4 days from  9.30am to 4.30pm each day, starting:

              Saturday October 19

              Saturday October 26

              Saturday November 2

              Sunday November 3


Living Without Depression

Would you like to know how to live without feeling helpless, empty, overwhelmed?

Would you like to feel joy?

Would you like to have hope and understanding?

Discover how at my 1 day workshop in a safe, loving environment.

Benefits to you:

  • You will learn how to muscle test yourselves and others to discover what beliefs you hold which are no longer serving you.

  • You will receive the downloads necessary to clear this energy, INSTANTLY!

  • You will learn how to be and feel in control of your life with joy, enthusiasm and motivation.

  • You will learn how to create for yourself the life you want.

Investment:  $150

Venue:  My home in Wurtulla, Sunshine Coast



Create Abundance

I challenge you to awaken to the magnificent creative power within you to bring into reality all you desire!

This one day workshop will enable you to recognise and clear any beliefs that may be sabotaging your health and happiness.

Learn how to manifest what you desire in your life and know that you are worthy and it is possible to receive it!

Receive downloads to clear any energetic obstruction that may be sabotaging you.

Claim the abundance you deserve!

Investment:  $150

Venue:          My home in Wurtulla, Sunshine Coast


DISCLAIMER:   These are non-certificated courses.