The course was amazing and really helped me to shift stuff.  It was a real turning point in my life.  I’ve found it to be a brilliant tool. Thank you Robyn. You really are a very inspired and inspiring teacher.    

Jan, Cairns, Queensland, Australia


Thank you for my Theta consultation.  It has made a huge difference!  I now have more energy, vitality and stamina, focus, willpower, control…and the list goes on.

Didier, Cairns


Robyn has a great way of expressing herself in a classroom/teaching environment.  She incorporates her knowledge of training and experiences so that we can better understand and relate.  Lovely soft and gentle presence.

Tema, UK


Thank you so much for the Theta Healing you conducted and our honest discussion. It was truly wonderful to talk and have someone listen without judgement (that in itself is very healing) and it has taken me wonderfully so much further along my spiritual journey. Thank you very, very much. 

Chris, Cairns


During my second session with Robyn I experienced a significant shift in feeling.  I was surprised at how such a subtle therapy could bring such effective healing!  I felt a new energy, happy and at peace with myself for the first time in ages. ThetaHealing is very powerful stuff.

Kirsty, Cairns


I met Robyn at a Theta workshop 8 years ago in which I learnt so much more about myself and how powerful we really are.  When Robyn moved to the Coast I had no hesitation in arranging theta consultations for both my daughters.  One was experiencing anxiety and has noticed considerable improvement. My other daughter states that she felt different about things in a positive way and the frequent dizziness she was experiencing had completely gone! My husband is now interested in making an appointment with Robyn.  Thankyou so much!

Sam, Gympie Q’ld


I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve anything in their life.  It would be a great benefit to integrate these self-healing tools into the school education system, teaching people about the power of words, thoughts, programmes, conscious or unconscious.  How much more enlightened, happier and loving would society be.               

Peter, Cairns